Gary Lewin and Chris Dixon – Opthalmology

Gary Lewin and Chris Dixon – Ophthalmology

Gary LewinGary Lewin BVSc CertVOphthal CertSAS MRCVS.


Gary Lewin has been providing an ophthalmology referral service in Cumbria since 1994 and more recently established Veterinary Vision, a dedicated referral ophthalmology practice.

He is one of very few Veterinary Surgeons in the U.K. to hold postgraduate qualifications in ophthalmology and surgery and to have had training in microsurgery.  His particular interests are intraocular surgery and microvascular reconstructive surgery.

Chris DixonChris Dixon BVM&S CertSAS MRCVS.


Chris Dixon developed an interest in ophthalmology while working in a mixed practice in Cumbria.

Chris was awarded the RCVS certificate in ophthalmology and joined Gary in 2011 to further develop the ophthalmology referral service.

Consultations at Bay Vets include:

  • Slit-lamp biomicroscopy
  • Tonometry
  • Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Gonioscopy

Cataract Extraction
Advances in ocular surgery have progressively improved the post-operative outcome following canine cataract removal.

We have facilities for:

  • Pre-operative electroretinography and high resolution ultrasonography
  • “Cold” phacoemulsification
  • Lendectomy via a 2.8mm corneal incision
  • Insertion of a range of foldable prosthetic lenses

Surgical Procedures
Veterinary Vision holds clinics at a number of practices across the North of England and is able to carry out ophthalmic surgery at all of these locations. However in some cases it may be necessary to refer you to our Carlisle centre for surgical procedures.

Emergency Care
Veterinary Vision provides an out of hours emergency service staffed by our ophthalmologists. Since we are providing an emergency ophthalmology service for practices across the North of England you may need to travel to another of our clinics should your pet require emergency treatment outwith our normal hours of attendance. At weekends emergency appointments are normally seen at our Carlisle location.


Lens Luxation

Luxated/subluxated lenses present a high risk of glaucoma and blindness, but with current techniques these cases can be managed very successfully.

  • Endocapsular tension ring placement to stablise the lenticular capsular bag
  • Lens extraction by small port vitrection and phacoemulsification


19G Video Endolaser
The endolaser allows us to carry out microincision surgery for the following conditions:

Laser ablation of the ciliary body can give long term control of the intraocular pressure.

Intraocular Melanomas
Iris melanomas can be ablated transcorneally without the need to enter the eye.

Retinal Detachments
The endolaser enable us to “spot-weld” the retina in position to prevent the progression of retinal detachments.


Veterinary Vision holds clinics at Bay Vets once per month.