Why Choose Bay Vets Referrals

Why Choose Bay Vets Referrals?


  • We’ve designed a referral process focused entirely on you, your clients and their pets.
  • Whatever the referral protocol is within your practice, we’ll adapt our procedures to match. We’ll make your referrals simple and straightforward, with a particular emphasis on better communication.
  • Better communication starts from the moment you first contact us about a new case when one of the referral team will answer our dedicated phone line to ensure your questions are answered promptly.
  • We’ll provide your clients with clear, easy-to-follow guidance on the referral process, and for as long as their pet is in our care we’ll ensure both you and they are kept fully informed and updated.
  • When we’ve finished treating the patient, we will personally report to you within 24 hours of the patient leaving our practice and we’ll send any copies of scans or x-rays if appropriate to ensure your records are always up-to-date.
  • When we discharge the patient, we will explain clearly to the client what treatment has been given and what post-treatment care should be provided at home.
  • You may think everything you’ve read above is common sense, and it is. We believe we can make a real difference by getting the basics right, doing them every time, and doing them better than you’ve been used to previously.

Our promise to you is simple and clear…

Our referral process will make your life easier, at every step.
It will do the same for your clients and their pets.

Bay Vets Referrals – Tailored Referral Services for Veterinary Surgeons